Sunday, December 21, 2014


      To my friends from social networks you probably know it's been quite a while since I've put up a new blog post. To anyone who've never heard of or don't know me, welcome! Look, I can be passionate, angry, loving, understanding, rational, erratic, unreasonable, judicious, sapient, troubled, and exultant just to name a few things. How can one be all of these? It's called being a HUMAN BEING! At the end of the day what kind are you going to be? I ask that to make this point, we all need to look that person in the mirror and ask an honest question "are you contributing to the solution or the problem?" You can lie to others, that's very easy. But you CAN'T lie to yourself. If you can you've got some serious mental disorders that I can't go on to discussing here. But, answer that question and be totally honest.

Now what happened to those two police officers on Saturday (12/20/2014) was horrendous, abhorrent, and despicable. Ismaaiyl Brinsley committed a vile act of depravity and cowardice, that was not only abominable but counterproductive. To anyone who'd praise his actions; you're a serious sick fucking loon and need to seek therapy. What this guy did could not only derail and set back the movement for police accountability and much needed reforms, but it could very well create if not intensify the already created sentiment of "them vs. us". Is that what anybody really want? I know I sure as hell DON'T! Does anyone really want America turned into one big fucking cage match and whoever isn't dead at the end is the winner? I don't know about anyone else, but to me in that scenario there are no winners, only degrees of losers. Which poses another another valid question, is that what anyone wants, for America to become a nation of made up of only degrees of losers where NO ONE wins? As a person who lost my father at a very young age (not to violence, thank {deity of choice}) You have to realize realize that Wenjian Liu and Raphael Ramos were not just the goddamn uniform they wore to work. They were human beings and family men who had loved ones and lives like us all. One a newly wed and one with a wife and 13 years old son. So whether you approve of violence against police officers simply trying to do their jobs or against unarmed Black youth who could've easily been brought in for what amount to class D misdemeanors or less, JUST FUCKING STOP IT! PLEASE?!? Enough is Enough of this shit already! 

Here are my suggestions that I feel could go a long way in helping a lot. Now if you think people are going to quit doing stupid shit they shouldn't; seek therapy which afterward you can join us in reality. Now for people who do stupid shit they shouldn't and break the law know that there's a chance you'll get caught and when you do TAKE YOUR FUCKING LICK! Most of the times it's not serious enough to lose your fucking life over! Now let's not get it twisted for a second because there are people who get fucked with by cops who've done absolutely NOTHING WRONG where the cop had no probable cause whatsoever to bother them about anything. If you can video or record such an encounter I vehemently encourage you to do so. Don't play the crooked cops game and start fighting, resisting, etc... because for these cops there's a developing industry of lawyers who'd compete to take your case. After taxpayers realize how expensive these kinds of cops can be I'm sure they'll start demanding competence and professionalism in law enforcement. There's nothing like being much lighter in the pocket to make you get your shit together. Don't think so? Take this simple test, which these you think are more painful? Getting punched in the face, or going to the bank to find 90% of your money is missing? Given a choice between the two I think I'd recover much quicker from getting decked in the face. "Bullshit walk, and money talk" isn't just a saying it's a reality!  

Now for law enforcement; That "Code Of Silence" shit has GOT TO STOP! If you truly want this shit to improve and get better, replace that "code of silence" (b.k.a. we cover each other's dirt) and replace it with a "code of honor", "code of respect", "code of responsibility", "code of duty", any of these I'm sure will be fine with the citizens you take an oath to protect and serve. As a police officer you're the most tangible mediator between the public and the state. You've been bestowed the power to take freedom and LIFE! The abuse of these powers can reap astringent consequences. A cop should be no different than I am on my job. As an I.T. professional sometimes I have to work with others as a team. I don't want to work with someone who thinks a byte is an act you commit with your teeth. I would let it be known to my superiors that this is a person who is not qualified for the duty they've been assigned and recommend they be removed or reassigned to something within the bounds of their ability. As their fuckups can have a domino affect which eventually become bad for business and a threat to my own livelihood. "Good cops" should be no different with "bad cops". If my company lose valuable clients because I witnessed and had full knowledge of incompetence and failed to address it, they'll hold me just as liable as the offending party. This shouldn't be any different with police. I'm going to be frank here the public stigma of cops are you're a bunch of misfits who're losers and failures at life that couldn't make friends, get laid, or a date and got beat up in school, and made shitty grades. So he best outlet for that pinned up self loathing and aggression? BECOME A COP! Yeah, you'll show the world! Now you're a strong arm enforcer at large, unleashed on the public. Even better, all on the taxpayers dime. HOLY SHIT! Screw you welfare whores, I've really got it good!

Not very good to be stigmatized like this is it? Well, go back to being "PEACE OFFICERS" instead of dumb animals being used like pawns for domestic policy, amounting to nothing more than guard dogs for plutocrats. Does that sting a little? Well so does a fucking bullet for playing with a toy gun in the park. Now let's just be frank, Charles and David Koch, or Warren Buffet (see I can be non-partisan) could go up to a cop and kick his dog, squeeze his wife's Charmin, and smack his kids and wouldn't have to worry about being taken away in cuffs any more than a Walmart employee have to worry about getting paid a decent living wage, both know that shit just ain't happening. So get rid of your rotten apples and bad eggs and start "protecting and serving" honorably! "Get the fuck off on the sidewalk" is NOT protecting and serving. Whether a police officer, I.T. professional, professional athlete, or any other occupation. A chain is only strong as it's weakest link. On that note, cops you've gotta know this... Your union reps are part of the problem and a very weak link. These fucking dufuses, virtual ventriloquies dummies, paid mouthpieces, and requite whores make "union bosses" look really really bad. Anytime a union boss is supported by the right-wing (ok, now I'm being partisan, BUT THRUTHFUL!) this shit should send up red flags, set off firework, sirens, and anything else alarming. At the end of the day, "We The People" know your jobs are dangerous as much as they are important. Those of you that protect and serve and do so honorably with pride and professionalism you have our utmost appreciation, support, and thanks. Those of you who do any less should really find other career paths. At the end of the day we're all a part of this society that makes up America, and ALL LIVES MATTER!