Wednesday, August 24, 2016

FREE Politcal History Lesson For KKKonservative Fucktards!

         Ok you fucking morons! YES YOU CONSERVATIVE RIGHT WING FUCKTARDS! For every time one of you idiotic, brainless, ignorant fuckwits say the KKK was created by Democrats without at least throwing in the single word "CONSERVATIVE" Democrats to clarify and elaborate on your fucktarded misleading statement and inane point, you should have a single pubic hair burned off with an acetylene torch! No wonder Donald Trump touts his love for the uneducated. In that area you sure do him proud. I'm going to get to the point here because this blog is strictly for conservatives after all, and goodness knows when it comes to actually gaining knowledge based on truth, facts, logic, and reality they've got the focus and attention span of a fucking dog playing frisbee in a smoked meats locker. 

     Here is the link you can click it's titled "When Parties Swap Platforms: the Changing Racial Policies of Democrats and Republicans". Yes, there you go just click. I warn you this is a lengthy read with lots of detail and lots of sources to enforce accuracy and authenticity of the information. But if reading isn't your thing just watch this video of Trevor Noah basically summing up in just under 8 minutes what the thesis proves evident. 

If that's not comprehensive or simple enough, I'll break it down in a single sentence; KKKonservatives were racists as Democrats and are still racists as Republicans! 

       So there you have it. Now conservatives you have no excuse except that you CHOOSE to be ignorant dumb asses rejecting the facts and truth. Want my advice? Quit being that alcohoic who never admit they have a drinking problem. You don't like being called a racist? Well stop partaking, supporting, and purporting racist shit! First you'll have to admit your bigotry then you can do the work of unlearning years of lies, hate, ignorance and bullshit. Like anything else you dedicate yourself to it can be done. But the first step of solving any problem is first admitting there's IS as problem.