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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Pro-Choice Solution To Eradicating Abortion... Pro-Lifers The Ball Is In Your Court! Will You Play?

If you're anything like me, you are sick of these right-wing whiny ass pro-life douchebags bitching and moaning about abortion. Ain't it kind of funny all the "Pro-Lifers" are so "Pro-Death Penalty" and "Pro-War". How's that even possible, beside simply being cynically hypocritical assholes?

Well righties I've got a solution to your problem. Since you insist that these babies be born no matter what the circumstances! Incest, rape, deformity, disease, destitution, it doesn't matter you want these babies born no matter what! Well it's really simple, and I think over 99% of the women who'd get an abortion would comply with these terms. So here you go, I'll step you through the process....

1.) Attain an attorney. Now you may want to look for one that's just as fucked up in the head as you are on the whole "Pro-Life" issue. You may get pro bono service or a huge discount off their regular rate. Just a suggestion.

2.) Attain a notary public. In my experience most attorneys can double as a notary public. But just in case not, you'll need this for the latter steps. Again repeat what's in step one, if you get a notary who have narrow and obtuse views that align with your own you may save yourself some dough. 

3.) Ask said attorney to prepare documents "Assumption Of Liability And Responsibility"

4.) Go to any clinic providing abortion services and do either         
      the following......
      a. Meet any woman face to face choosing to have an 
          abortion procedure and present her with the documents
          "Assumption Of Liability And Responsibility". Have said 
          lawyer and notary present, they can serve as witnesses.
          You will ask her to cancel the procedure and proceed
          with the birth in lieu of you legally assuming all liability
          and responsibilities in the rearing and care of the child 
          child to be born. The documents insure that you will 
          emotionally nurture as well as financially support the
          child. That you assum every liability and responsibility
          of parenting the child.


        b. You can advertise your willingness to do this. Go to 
            said clinics and put out a stack of cards or brochures
            with all of your necessary contact information, and 
            should state your desire to take on said responsibilities
            of their child should they cancel their procedure. 
            You can also advertise this via, TV, newspaper, 
            billboards, and the internet.

Basically you're willing to adopt these children. You do this and I'm sure this will render abortion practically useless. So who's willing to shut their big fat yaps and and STEP UP? Either PUT UP or SHUT THE FUCK UP! Whichever of these you decide to do we still get a problem solved. So there you have it... YOU'RE WELCOME! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ode To "THE" Asshole: Andrew Breitbart (February 1, 1969 - March 1, 2012)

If a picture is worth a thousand words then this one have to be worth millions.

Let's just face facts here. Andrew Breitbart was not a good person. I don't care how much all these right-wing fucktards mourn and honor him by hating everything decent, joyful, ethical, honest, righteous, moral, educational, noble, principled, in a single word... LIBERAL!

You see, Breitbart was the quintessential right-wing pitbull. If there was a politician, person, group, or organization dedicated to giving anyone poor, disenfranchised, downtrodden, or seen as "different" a voice and right to democracy he was there to ridicule, demonize, and mock them with furious fervor. He cared not what it took to get it done, whether it was to lie, fabricate, beg, borrow, and steal. Breitbart didn't give a shit. He was not going to see social justice and equality succeed. He also made sure to do everything BIG! Whether it was BIG Government, BIG Hollywood, or BIG Journalism, he proved with each story published by his equally inept cast of contributing caricatures that if this planet was going to be full of assholes, he wasn't just settling for being "an" asshole he was going to be "THE" asshole. This he achieved with BIG success because he most definitely was "THE" BIG ASSHOLE! True to that form you could count on anything coming from Breitbart to be foul, stinky, dirty, and just plain full of shit.

Now if you righties want to know what true compassion and benevolence really is this would be it...

"My prayers go out to Mr. Breitbart's family as they cope during this very difficult time. I do not intend to make any further comments." - Shirley Sherrod

Now please take into consideration that this woman did not ask for the shit storm she was thrown in the middle of by Breitbart on his sinister quest to bring down anything "President Obama". This woman like any of us who was doing her job day in and out minding her business, world was thrown off it's axis because a bigoted, partisan, intolerant, hate mongering, hack of a douchebag hates a Black progressive President so much that he didn't care who got caught in the crossfire. If he had nothing... No problem! True to right-wing conservative values, he was going to JUST MAKE SHIT UP! No wonder you saw him on FOX News so much. 

You Know there was this old Black gospel hymn that I til this day I still hear at funerals. Mostly of Black elderly people. The song is called "Let The Life I've Lived Speak For Me". Let's just take a look at the sentiment that the life and legacy of one Andrew Breitbart wrought....

Now you may think that's a bit harsh. But Let's take a look at Mr. Breitbart's own posting about the death of the late Ted Kennedy whose life actually amounted to something and a man who championed for fairness dedicated his status, position, and life to a true greater good....

There it is in his own words. All you righties should let this be a lesson to you. All that pinned up bigotry, hate, resentment, malice, and anger can kill. Even now as you read this you have a bunch of fucking idiots who were blind Breitbart sheep coming up with the conspiracy that the President killed Breitbart. Now normally I wouldn't even mention it, but I thought that anyone who took the time to read this blog post deserved that good laugh. So you see, Breitbart though foreboding, sinister, and baleful he wasn't a dummy like his patrons. Breitbart was a pornographer of the press, and he knew that his cretinous followers had an insatiable appetite for his smut journalism. Neither Breitbart or his loyalists let the truth and facts get in the way of his literary bile. 

Breitbart along with the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Matt Drudge, Joseph Farah, G. Gordon Liddy, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, Liz Cheney, Bill Kristol, Judson Phillips, Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, and James O'Keefe (to just make a short list) have kept the mill of bullshit, lies, hate, bigotry, and partisanship churning out vitriol long enough. Hopefully they take a lesson from Breitbart's demise and realize all that pinned up bullshit and hate isn't worth your mortality. 

Lastly I commend some progressives that I saw on TV and read articles from such as Goldie Taylor, Toure, Lawrence O'Donnell, Arianna Huffington, and Tamron Hall who said really good things about Andrew Breitbart and didn't slam him for the evil, slimy, fucking snake in the grass he was. As I said I commend them, but as for myself I feel that if all you've done is dedicate your life's work to deceit, lies, hate, divisive rhetoric, and total bullshit while you were alive, you're still that same person only a dead conniving, slimy, weasel, low life, bottomfeeding, scumbag, snake in the grass. Sorry, but in my book you don't get to LIVE that WRONG and then get to DIE so RIGHT. So don't get it twisted. Condemning his wretched and vile life isn't the same as celebrating his untimely death.          

       This is what so many on the right heralded a "warrior and hero"? The bar is set mighty low on the right.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sane Minded America To Republicans: Fuck You! Seriously! G O F U C K Y O U R S E L V E S ! ! !

Though it’s been said many times and many ways…. Fuck you republicans, just fuck you! We not only as Americans but as human beings have had it over our heads with your bullshit, and really are MAD AS HELL, AND WILL NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE! I swear that 11/06/2012 cannot come soon enough. We are sick of your hypocrisy, we are sick of your racism, we are sick of your bigotry, we are sick of your hyperbole, we are sick of your greed, WE ARE SICK OF YOU!!! You want to demonize and kill the Occupy Movement not because you don’t understand it. In fact it’s the exact opposite. You full well understand it. As far as your far-right knuckledragging troglodyte teabaggers go, they don’t understand. But what else is new? Those lame-brained fatuous fucktards couldn’t find their own assholes with a funnel and map. They can’t even understand why they should be joining the Occupy Movement instead of ridiculing it. But as for you elected GOP scum and your owners who are the corporate elitists and Wall Street barons. They understand and know.

What in the Hell did you think was going to happen? Do you really think you can just push, and push, and push, before you get pushed back? Since your God Ronald Reagan defiled the oval office, you’ve grabbed the American working/middle class and poor by the crotch and have locked on like a rabid pit bull ever since. Even the late Ted Kennedy asked you on the senate floor “How much more do you need?” “How many more billions do your corporate masters and Wall Street bosses need?” “What is it about working men and woman that to offend you so much?” Now years of failed bullshit right-wing economic and social policy have simply come to a head, and we have simply HAD ENOUGH!!! 30 years of your reverse Robin Hood stealing from the poor to give to the rich is ENOUGH!!! You really think you can take the 9% of mindfucked minions who think you’re doing a good job and go to the 2012 elections with it? Good luck with that!

You vilify brown people, gays, unions and their members, and non-Christians. You cut services that ONLY benefit the poorest among us while at the same time subsidizing the wealthiest industries, and give tax cuts and rebates by the billions to the wealthiest among us. Anyone who sanely take a stand against your bullshit wars is deemed a terrorist, communist, Marxist, socialist, or whatever other ‘ist you fucking morons can come up with. Fuck you and your wars, your war on terror which invaded a country based on LIES about non-existent weapons, your bullshit war on drugs that have done NOTHING but give you free reign to fill privatized prisons owned by your billionaire corporate cronies. Most of all, fuck your wars on women, the middle/working class, the poor, education, and quality affordable health care. It’s just all out war on anything that threatens your gravy train that may net a single red cent less from your campaign benefactors.

If you want to talk about “running on your record”, then every single GOP/Teabagger congressional and senate member shouldn’t even fathom running for re-election. Let’s just go over that record. Since the 112th congress been in office they’ve tried to make it easier to get away with rape, defund NPR, defund Planned Parenthood, ban Shariah law (that doesn’t exist), defund PBS, made sure we can still use inefficient light bulbs, made English the official language, tried to repeal the affordable health care act, which was as big of a waste of time and money as their latest fiasco reaffirming “In God We Trust” motto. Would you like to know what all these motions brought to vote have in common? THEY DIDN’T CREATE ONE SINGLE JOB!! They didn’t even ATTEMPT to create a single job. In fact some of them would’ve killed even more jobs. They ran on “Where Are The Jobs?” Well, they’re still where republicans have made sure they’ve stayed, OVERSEAS!  Republicans have obstructed and abused the filibuster to epic proportion. So when you hear that bullshit about “Democrats held the house and senate for 2 years” that the right-wing loves to peddle, just think about the cloture and filibuster abuse.   

I really could go on but this special and last, but certainly not least “FUCK YOU” goes out to the most willfully ignorant, imbecilic, dumb fucks that are an actual living entity known to creation on Earth! And yes, this includes man, beasts, and vegetation. I’m talking about you republican voters who are NOT rich! Just face the FACT that you’re fucking idiots! How stupid do you have to be to go out and participate in a “tax day protest” when YOUR TAXES WERE NOT ROSE!! Not only were your taxes NOT rose, but you actually got MORE MONEY back on your tax returns because of the current administration’s policy. You people are like willing lab rats accepting whatever experiment the wealthy elitists’ right-wing faction is going to conduct on you. You see, you’re the other part of the faction. The willfully misinformed dolts who get their racism, bigotry, ignorance, and partisanship exploited against themselves.

Just look at what you people listen to for your sources of (mis)information. FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Andrew Breitbart, Drudge Report, World Net Daily, etc... C’mon really? It’s like you don’t care that you’re being lied to. As long as it’s what you want to hear, you don’t care. That’s not “news” that’s “ENTERTAINMENT”. Just take a look at some of the insanely stupid shit you people who identify yourselves as “republicans” believe….

  • ·        34% think the President is a Muslim
  • ·        87% think the President raised taxes
  • ·        47% think TARP was passed by President Obama
  • ·        41% think the Affordable Health Care Act have “Death Panels”
  • ·        64% think the Affordable Health Care Act cut Medicare benefits
  • ·        40% think the President is the Anti-Christ
  • ·        21% think ACORN stole the 2008 election
  • ·        31% think the President is a racist who hates White people
  • ·        45% think the President is the domestic enemy the constitution speak of
  • ·        22% think the President would like terrorist to defeat America

I’m not making this up! This is really some of the stupid shit you people believe! Look, just randomly surfing the net I came across this on Yahoo Answers! If you clicked that link you see what I’m talking about. You people are really fucked up. The two things that have NEVER lied to me in my life are my own two eyes and ears. I have had these people tell me to my face they’d rather them and their families starve and be homeless than accept anything any Obama administration policy would help them live a better quality of life. Really?!? How fucking sick, baleful, and just plain evil is that? You harbor that much bigotry and hatred for someone that you’d actually watch your own children starve to death and do it without a roof over their heads. As I said before there isn’t any beasts in the animal kingdom that depraved, perverse, and reprobative. Then again what would you expect from people who’d actually support a politician who liken children who eat free lunch at school to over bred animals, and fat bald, impotent drugged up radio blowhard who mock and make fun of hungry impoverished children. Let alone mock a defenseless victim of Parkinson’s disease. Not to mention the way you’ve made already weak an inept field of pathetic 2012 Presidential candidates look by cheering Rick Perry’s record of death, wanting the uninsured to die, jeering a gay soldier, and applauding illegal torture.   

I could really go on because there is no end to the hate, greed, selfishness, willful ignorance, bigotry, idiocy, wanton stupidity, depravity, and sheer evil of the right-wing. But I with the rest of America send the Republican Party the one finger salute and mean it with all our hearts and minds when we say FUCK YOU! Fuck you very, very, much!  

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reince Priebus Is A Piece Of Shit!

I really tried not to write this blog, but when I saw Reince Priebus totally childish, ignorant and stupid tweet I had to just let the world know what a useless good for nothing douchebag I think he is. This guy is nothing short of intellectually bankrupt. If you look at how the two party chairs conduct their business, the difference is worlds apart. 

On one hand you have Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who exempts the epitome of professionalism and sticks to the facts and truths of the issues. Then you have Reince Priebus who's like a buffoonish school yard pest who's just a nuisance. You know the kid who throws a rock or sneaks behind you, hits you in the back and takes off running and hides behind his friends. Well he's the political equivalent. Here's just a few things this douchebag should know about his party's polices and ethics which have drove this country in a ditch that the President is trying against united republican opposition and obstruction to get it out of.... 

Started an unnecessary war of choosing costing trillions of dollars and and thousands of lives.

Trickle down voodoo economics which have caused income inequality in America only seen in third world countries.

Deregulation leading to the biggest financial coup d'etat on the American people in history

Not to mention the shameful display of the worst humanity has to offer that has come in the form of applauding one of your candidates morally bankrupt cavalcade of death, letting the uninsured die, Jeering a gay soldier who protects your rights to be the outlandishly ignorant fucktards you are, and disregarding the outright criminal practices on Wall Street that sunk many businesses and put millions out of work, yet your party feels IT'S THEIR FAULT they don't have jobs. Oh, and let's not forget "corporations are people too"

Reince Priebus you are a pathetically laughable joke just like your party. You shameless get on TV and make up baseless arguments devoid of all fact, truth, and logic. Being a hypocritical liar and low life scumbag must've been required attributes (detriments to anyone with a soul and sense of decency) for being appointed RNC chairman. Come 2012 #WeCantWait to bury you and your party of corporate whores, shills, bigots, and miserly slimeballs in the political graveyard you keep digging deeper and deeper for yourselves.