Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Pro-Choice Solution To Eradicating Abortion... Pro-Lifers The Ball Is In Your Court! Will You Play?

If you're anything like me, you are sick of these right-wing whiny ass pro-life douchebags bitching and moaning about abortion. Ain't it kind of funny all the "Pro-Lifers" are so "Pro-Death Penalty" and "Pro-War". How's that even possible, beside simply being cynically hypocritical assholes?

Well righties I've got a solution to your problem. Since you insist that these babies be born no matter what the circumstances! Incest, rape, deformity, disease, destitution, it doesn't matter you want these babies born no matter what! Well it's really simple, and I think over 99% of the women who'd get an abortion would comply with these terms. So here you go, I'll step you through the process....

1.) Attain an attorney. Now you may want to look for one that's just as fucked up in the head as you are on the whole "Pro-Life" issue. You may get pro bono service or a huge discount off their regular rate. Just a suggestion.

2.) Attain a notary public. In my experience most attorneys can double as a notary public. But just in case not, you'll need this for the latter steps. Again repeat what's in step one, if you get a notary who have narrow and obtuse views that align with your own you may save yourself some dough. 

3.) Ask said attorney to prepare documents "Assumption Of Liability And Responsibility"

4.) Go to any clinic providing abortion services and do either         
      the following......
      a. Meet any woman face to face choosing to have an 
          abortion procedure and present her with the documents
          "Assumption Of Liability And Responsibility". Have said 
          lawyer and notary present, they can serve as witnesses.
          You will ask her to cancel the procedure and proceed
          with the birth in lieu of you legally assuming all liability
          and responsibilities in the rearing and care of the child 
          child to be born. The documents insure that you will 
          emotionally nurture as well as financially support the
          child. That you assume every liability and responsibility
          of parenting the child.


        b. You can advertise your willingness to do this. Go to 
            said clinics and put out a stack of cards or brochures
            with all of your necessary contact information, and 
            should state your desire to take on said responsibilities
            of their child should they cancel their procedure. 
            You can also advertise this via, TV, newspaper, 
            billboards, and the internet.

Basically you're willing to adopt these children. You do this and I'm sure this will render abortion practically useless. So who's willing to shut their big fat yaps and and STEP UP? Either PUT UP or SHUT THE FUCK UP! Whichever of these you decide to do we still get a problem solved. So there you have it... YOU'RE WELCOME! 


  1. The only problem with this solution is they'd probably still never get anyone to agree to it. Who'd want their kids raised by insane right wing zealots?

    I'd be terrified the next time I saw the kid they'd be six years old standing on the side of the road holding a "God Hates whatever" sign. Or at the very least standing in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic screaming obscenities at women.

    1. LOL!! You've got a valid point there. That would be a fate worse than being aborted any day.

  2. Amazing. You freely admit that there are humans being killed (aborted). If abortions were only for incest, rape, deformity then that would be a small minority. Most are for selfish reasons. It all makes sense now that you are so wacked on Twitter. I can see there is no commonality between us. You are for death of the innocent. I am for death penalty of the tried and convicted cold blooded murderer. Liberals claim to be compassionate yet you are the biggest haters of all. Have a great day!