Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reince Priebus Is A Piece Of Shit!

I really tried not to write this blog, but when I saw Reince Priebus totally childish, ignorant and stupid tweet I had to just let the world know what a useless good for nothing douchebag I think he is. This guy is nothing short of intellectually bankrupt. If you look at how the two party chairs conduct their business, the difference is worlds apart. 

On one hand you have Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who exempts the epitome of professionalism and sticks to the facts and truths of the issues. Then you have Reince Priebus who's like a buffoonish school yard pest who's just a nuisance. You know the kid who throws a rock or sneaks behind you, hits you in the back and takes off running and hides behind his friends. Well he's the political equivalent. Here's just a few things this douchebag should know about his party's polices and ethics which have drove this country in a ditch that the President is trying against united republican opposition and obstruction to get it out of.... 

Started an unnecessary war of choosing costing trillions of dollars and and thousands of lives.

Trickle down voodoo economics which have caused income inequality in America only seen in third world countries.

Deregulation leading to the biggest financial coup d'etat on the American people in history

Not to mention the shameful display of the worst humanity has to offer that has come in the form of applauding one of your candidates morally bankrupt cavalcade of death, letting the uninsured die, Jeering a gay soldier who protects your rights to be the outlandishly ignorant fucktards you are, and disregarding the outright criminal practices on Wall Street that sunk many businesses and put millions out of work, yet your party feels IT'S THEIR FAULT they don't have jobs. Oh, and let's not forget "corporations are people too"

Reince Priebus you are a pathetically laughable joke just like your party. You shameless get on TV and make up baseless arguments devoid of all fact, truth, and logic. Being a hypocritical liar and low life scumbag must've been required attributes (detriments to anyone with a soul and sense of decency) for being appointed RNC chairman. Come 2012 #WeCantWait to bury you and your party of corporate whores, shills, bigots, and miserly slimeballs in the political graveyard you keep digging deeper and deeper for yourselves.     


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  1. SPOT ON! Reince Priebus is a douchebag of extraordinary magnitude. He can also tell lies bigger than a tall building in a single noun.